Social Development & Culture Immersion Program

For those students who decide to leave their parents to study in the US at such a young age of 14 or 15, we are very proud of them. These are very dedicated and courageous individuals, and they deserve to have their stays here to be safe, less-stressful, and fun.
Through the experienced management from GEMC, for example, our 24-hour hotline service and carefully selected homestay families, we can ensure the parents that your children are in good hands. However from our experience, we noticed that our Chinese students tend to stay in their rooms and on their computers most of the time even after their school days and homework finished.
To be a successful person, or even a successful student, in the US, you need to learn to socialize with other people, find an outside interest, and have a passion for life. Practically for our students, to be admitted to an elite university, your SAT score and high school GPA would only be a part (generally half) of the equation. The schools would also be looking at your extra-curriculum activity (sports, arts, etc.), community service, and leadership. Without socially adapted and immersed in the local culture, our students would have a hard time scoring these credits.
Most likely than not, they would also be interviewed by an admission official during their application process, and one of their questions could be like “how did you enjoy your last 3/4 years in San Diego the?” With this “social development and culture immersion” program set up for our GEMC students, they can answer this easy question passionately with a smile.


Seminar and Gathering

Once a month, we also organize seminars at GEMC to teach social skills

Social skill development mentoring&practice

a. Elective Dance classes and painting classes.
b. Lectures in Social Skill Development:
i. More and Better Relationships.
ii. Better Communication
iii. Greater Efficiency
iv. Active Learning and Listening
v. Public Speaking

Seminar on Social manner and Etiquette

a polite and refined demeanor is still an attribute appreciated in social and business situations
a. General Courtesy and Respect
b. Manners, Conversation, and Charm for Today
c. Table Manners
d. Public Behavior
e. Event Etiquette

Culture Seminars

a. Six sessions of Culture of Western Countries and Concise History of Western Cultural Tradition

Events Schedule

Monthly outings would include local culture festivals, theatre experience, sports, arts and museums, holiday events and parties, theme park visits, national park tours, outdoor activities, etc. This preliminary activity calendar looks like below,

Welcome party and Labor Day barbecue on Del Mar Beach
Pumpkin field and Julian apple pie festival. This will be a day trip to visit the plantation and hand pick your most favorable pumpkin for you and your hosting family.
ii. After that, we will go to Julian to attend the Apple Pie festival to experience the local old town culture and U-pick apples at the Apple plantation.


i. We will have Thanksgiving Party for all students, tasting American Turkey.
ii. May arrange a Lakers basketball game if it is scheduled in San Diego.

Nutcracker Ballet performance

i. Formal attire to attend this American Holiday tradition.
ii. For the students in town for Christmas, Christmas Eve dinner will be arranged either with home stay family or with GEMC. Each student will have a Christmas present.

Chinese New Year Dinner and Asian Culture Festival Performance at Power Performing Arts
San Diego Invitational Gymnastics competition”]volunteer and/or watch.
i. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to this International Sport Event and volunteer as part of community service.

Spring break, local activities

Balboa park and museums.
i. Each school may have slightly different dates for Spring break. We will organize optional National park visit (Grand Canyon , Zion , Yosemite ) at additional cost
ii. Disneyland One Day Visit is also an option.

local amusement park visit

subject to change when local event schedule is announced next year.