Azure Orientation Week

Our schools have different starting dates for the school year, mostly in the middle of August.  School offices would normally open their door one week earlier; some may even offer orientation events and activities themselves so that new students can get started smoothly.  We recommend all new Azure students to arrive in San Diego one week before the official 1st of school to take advantage of these opportunities and get adjusted as soon as we can.

In general, it would take a new student a month or two to become fully accustomed to their new environment, and the first week is critical, therefore AE would dedicate its full-time support and effort during the entire first week of their arrivals.  Through our preparations in the follow areas, our students would be well equipped for their challenges.


Homestay arrangement

Homestay is arranged ahead of the time.  The homestay rules should have already been communicated to all parties long before students’ arrivals, and homestay family would also have their orientations done separately.  Within 1-2 days, an AE representative would visit the student’s new home, and a meeting together with the student and the homestay parents would be hold to ensure all proper arrangements are satisfactory.

Other living arrangement

Other than their room and board and transportation arrangement with the homestay family, AE would also help students to set up bank accounts, cell phone lines, allowance account at school, etc.  We also teach students how to get around in the area and shop for necessary school supplies, personal items, etc.  Note, please don’t store or carry around large amount of cash.  It is not safe.


The safety of our students would be the number one concern of our company.  San Diego is one of the safest cities in the US, and we would only select homestays that are located in safe neighborhoods.  We would go over with the students on the guidelines and rules to ensure their safety in their daily life, and a 24-hour hotline number would be provided for any emergency they might encounter.


AE will purchase medical insurance for all our students, with a good comprehensive coverage so that all their potential health concerns are covered.  We recommend our students to photocopy and bring with them their medical histories and immunization records, preferably with English translations.  We will work with school to ensure that their medical and immunization requirements are met during school registration.

School life

Through the first couple of weeks, AE will make sure that our students become comfortable going about their classes and activities on their school campuses.  We will put extra focus on encouraging students to be active and proactive in their classrooms and participate in after-school activities.


Initial goal setting and academic assessment will be conducted for students individually.  With that, AE will work with the school and help student navigate through the initial process of picking classes and overall academic planning.   Together with the carefully selected leadership activities, a sound academic plan paves the way for successful college application in the future.


From our experience, those who had boarding experience in China seemed to have little trouble get used to the new life in the US, but most of the others would have their first experience away from the parents.  AE would work very closely with the school to set up daily routines in school and with homestay family to set up daily routines after school.  We have a system in place to ensure the students be on time with their tasks, sleep hours sufficient, and TV/Internet hours limited.

AE programs and services

We would encourage our students to be independent, make self-improvement, and be successful, but we also ensure the students to understand that AE would always be there for them, as their second parents in this foreign land.  All the services and programs would be carefully explained to them, so that they will take advantage of our help to make stride in their academic and personal life.

Individual needs

AE would pay full individual attention to all our students.  For any specially needs, AE would make every effort to make sure our students have a happy and smooth start to their new endeavor.